Chris has a vision to address our city’s critical issues for Anchorage. It is a living document that will grow and evolve based on community input.


There are three hallmarks of each plan:


Each issue will have clear, measurable goals and benchmarks.


A roadmap to address each issue, with specific examples and initiatives needed to achieve the goals.


A recognition and invitation for all stakeholders* to participate in the planning and execution of the solutions.

*These groups include the Mayor’s Office, the Anchorage Assembly, Municipal government, state and federal government, business leaders, faith-based and nonprofit groups, community councils, civic groups and any other stakeholders.


Committed to Anchorage

Chris is a collaborator who engages broad perspectives to bring balance and practicality to meet community needs. He has a long history of bringing together diverse groups to address issues and create the best solutions for the entire community. As Mayor of Anchorage he will work with state, federal, and business and community partners to bring together ideas and resources to make Anchorage a safe, fully functioning, thriving city for all its people.

Our commitment to one another is essential to building a stronger Anchorage, we need to hear everyone’s voices, especially those who haven’t had a voice. It will take all of us working as partners together for all our neighborhoods, all our families, and for our future.

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